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The Harriet Tubman of Health

RayeQueen is a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Doctor of  Metaphysical Science, and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. She has armed herself with an in-depth knowledge of healing strategies to help those communities disproportionately affected by health disparities to help ensure a better quality of life - mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Her passion for natural health is contagious and her database of natural healing strategies is impressive.

RayeQueen has dedicated her life to educating those who are suffering from traumas and physical imbalances.

 Right thinking, right emotion, and right choices are the foundation of FREEDOM. RayeQueen is your conductor on the underground healing railroad. She has the education, experience, skills, talent, passion, and divine purpose to lead you to health freedom.

You do not have to be a slave to medications, pain, fatigue, emotional or physical traumas, or poor quality of life. Your health freedom is easier than you think. RayeQueen has led many before you to health freedom and she's coming back for you, like it or not! #shotgunonyourback

The RayeQueen

Restorative Healing System

Healing of all kinds- emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual can be restored by following the RayeQueen Restorative Healing Program: